25 Great Ideas to Kickstart Crossing Cultures

  1. Read a book that had to be translated into your native language
  2. Cook a meal that’s a standard dish from another culture
  3. Watch movies and TV shows from a different cultural community
  4. Visit a culturally focused group on campus
  5. Jump on the computer and do some research
  6. Listen to diverse music
  7. Travel as a learner, not a tourist
  8. Make a friend from another cultural community
  9. Invite international students over for a meal
  10. Read a book about another culture
  11. Take a mission trip to another country
  12. Take a mission trip in your own city
  13. Set yourself up for a cross cultural church experience
  14. Pray for people in another cultural group
  15. Ask God to give you opportunities (and the courage to make the most of them)
  16. Learn some words and phrases in another language
  17. Look for opportunities to speak to someone in their native language
  18. Visit a restaurant that serves food from a cultural group that’s not your own
  19. Get to know your own culture a little better 
  20. Put yourself in a situation where you’re outnumbered
  21. Take a class that you think will open your eyes
  22. Learn some worship music from around the world
  23. Go to Urbana
  24. Study the theology of the Incarnation
  25. Read A Beginners Guide to Crossing Cultures
Got any other ideas?

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