3 Reasons We Hate Saying "No"

I had to say "No" three times today.  And I hate saying "No," especially when someone asks me for financial help.  I've been reflecting on why we hate saying "No" and here are some reasons why ...

1) "No" sounds like "I don't care"

This is especially true where money is concerned.  When someone comes to us with a problem and just needs a little money to solve it, to say "No" sounds a lot like "I don't care about your problem."  It can sound invalidating.  It can sound rude.

How do you say "No" and "I still care"?

2) "No" means "I don't have enough"

We tend to ignore our limits ... or at least keep them to ourselves.  When we're put in a place where we have to say "No," we have to reveal our limits: skill limits, time limits, energy limits, talent limits, financial limits.

Why are we hesitant to reveal our limits?

3) "No" risks "I'll find someone more helpful"

There's a flattering attention that comes with requests.  And it's painful to see that attention turned elsewhere, to feel that someone better has arrived, that you've been sidelined because you didn't have enough. [Think of Cee Lo Green's song "Forget You"]

What do you do with this risk?

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