Jaded by the church ... apology

Over the years, I've learned a lot about the Christian art of apologetics ...
  • classical apologetics (Father Gonzalez introduced us to Aquinas)
  • presuppositional apologetics (Pastor Vance shared Bahnsen)
  • conversational apologetics (Nikki Chao taped Ramsden)
  • humble apologetics (IVP published Sire)

And there's an apologetic opportunity at Sonburst (InterVarsity's Florida Divisional Fall Conference).  On Saturday afternoon, we'll have 70-100 of the conference's 500 students in a room to hear about "Jaded by the church."

It will be a daunting moment ... starting that seminar.

Students will be coming from all different places experientially and emotionally.

Some will love their churches.
Some will hate all churches.
Some will be hurt.
Some will be confused.

All of them will have stories.
All of them will have questions.

And it all connects with God and the gospel.

It's an apologetic moment ... not because it's a moment for argument ... but because it's a moment to defend the faith by apologizing.

Someday, I'll write my book on Confessional Apologetics.  Until then, I need to prepare a meaningful apology, to prepare to talk about my own sin in a way that helps students to see God's mercy, to extend Christ's forgiveness and to feel hope for the church.

Have you ever seen someone put the "apology" into "apologetics"?

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