Jaded by the church ... approach

Teenagers, college students and 20somethings are leaving the church in droves.  A quick glance around the evangelical scene reveals gaps and fractures around our age group.

This is one of the reasons we're doing the "Jaded by the church" seminar.

But I'm worried about pushback (I'm almost always worried about this).

I don't want our conversation to devolve into "Bride Bashing."

God loves the church.  Mysteriously.  Wonderfully.  Graciously.

We should go and do likewise. 

This is why the confessional approach is so useful.  It acknowledges that the church is broken, that the church hurts people, that the church makes mistakes ... but it also personalizes.

It's one thing to wag your finger and say "You should forgive".
It's another thing to say "I apologize. Please forgive me ... and people like me."

Have you ever apologized for something someone else did?

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