Jaded by the church ... forgive

The conversation about forgiveness felt vital.

Forgiveness doesn't imply forgetfulness.
Forgiveness doesn't imply friendship.
Forgiveness doesn't imply innocence.

We helped students see why churches caused pain and hurt ... so they could forgive.

We helped students see their own contribution to pain and hurt caused by the church ... so they could forgive.

But forgiveness sometimes takes time to settle in. So we wonder what God will do after the conference.

What would help you forgive the church?


  1. photo courtesy of stock.xckng and sciucaness

  2. You dont know me but I would like to talk to you some more about this. I am Jared Grabbe and I am jaded by the church. I am wanting to resolve this and looking to love his bride once again. Contact me via email. jlgrabbe@gmail.com