Reading Scripture in Church and Other Small Things

I had the opportunity to read Scripture at church this week.  Once a month or so I get to grab a microphone, a Bible and a break between songs to read a pre-selected passage.

Our church tries to have Scripture read every week.  When possible, we even have people read in both English and Spanish (though it is funny that we read the NVI but would never read the NIV).

When I read Scripture as part of worship, here are some thoughts that go through my mind ...

"Thank you Jesus I'm not singing!"
"What does the passage say?"
"What does the passage mean?"
"Does my reading capture both?"
"Slow down and e-nun-ci-ate"
"Don't forget to say 'This is the word of the Lord'"

I can read well without any preparation, but I like to prepare:
  • I study the context of the reading to better understand the meaning.
  • I try out various rhythms and inflections to better communicate the meaning.
  • I read the passage, aloud, over and over so my delivery is smooth.
  • I try to memorize (even though I'll be reading).
  • I pray that people would be - not just hearers of the word - but doers also.

It's easy to take small responsibilities like this lightly, to wing it.  But there is a certain joy to being faithful in small things.  That attention to detail, that extra 5 minutes ... that may mean nothing in a 3 hour-long seminar.  But it could mean a lot in a 1 minute-long Scripture reading.

Where is God giving you opportunities to be faithful in small things?

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