Seeing and Supporting

People who know InterVarsity tend to love InterVarsity.

But how do you get to know InterVarsity?

What if you weren't involved when you were in college?
What if there wasn't a group where you went to college?
What if you didn't go to college?

This year at Sonburst, we tried something different.  We invited the Staff team to think about people who we really wanted to give a chance to see InterVarsity.  And we created a program for these folks.

Some of them will help us connect with incoming students.
Others will pray for us.
Still others will advocate for us in local churches.
Wouldn't it be great if they supported the work financially?

We wanted to create space at Sonburst for people to see what God is doing so that they can understand why we ask them to support this work, to pray and serve and give.

Why would they support something they haven't seen?

Photo courtesy of stock.xchng and johnjazz

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  1. totally agree. we had the same experience during the 40