Who is the church?

In our Jaded by the Church seminar, Danny wrapped things up with a talk about Jesus and the church ... out of Matthew 8-10.

A leper - rejected by the church - touched by Jesus.
A centurion - hated by the church - helped by Jesus.
A woman - ignored by the church - healed by Jesus.
A possessed man - feared by the church - set free by Jesus.
A paralyzed man - boxed out by the church - forgiven by Jesus.
A tax collector - shunned by the church - called by Jesus.
A dead girl and a sick woman
Blind Mute Lost Harassed Helpless

Jesus includes all of these in his ministry.

And in Matthew 10, he sends his disciples to go and do likewise ...
... to build the church with these people (and people like them).

As we follow Jesus, we become the church, extending Jesus' love to a jaded world.

What sort of church will we be?

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