3 Steps Toward Outside the Box Ministry

The box is a cage ... escape!
Describe the box

Before you can intentionally step outside the box, you need to find the walls of the box. You need to acknowledge the walls. You need to describe the walls.

Describing the box helps us generate a desire to escape. Will. It takes an enormous amount of will to break outside the box. The box is comfortable and safe and becomes invisible quickly.

A clear knowledge of your limits helps you grow.

Create a visualization

I find this so helpful. I draw out our systems. Boxes and circles and lines. Notecards and whiteboards. Flowcharts.

It's one thing to know the box, it's another thing to see the box.

My idea generator kicks into high gear when I start sketching.

Break down and swap

Once you've described and visualized the box, try a swap exercise.

Think about it with new student outreach ...
Instead of ice cream, try attracting people through a social justice cause.
Instead of short conversations with the many, pursue deep conversations with a few.
Instead of asking them to join us, offer to join them in what they're doing.

The easiest way to break outside the box is to pick a wall and push.

Where do you need to push?

Photo courtesy of morguefile.com and hotblack

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