Forget the chicken and egg

What do you do when you identify a problem?

Your ministry has plateaued.
You feel distant from your children.
You see your weight increase to unhealthy levels.
You are having trouble communicating with your spouse.

If you're anything like me, you want to get to the bottom of it, whatever "it" is.  You want to figure out why the problem is happening before you try to fix it.  You want to deal with the problem at the source, pull it up by the roots.

But, sometimes, this sets us on the Do Nothing Path.

Some problems remain difficult to unravel.  Do I feel distant because we're not communicating or are we not communicating because I feel distant?  Do I overeat because I'm sad or am I sad because I overeat?  Am I doubting my call because of the plateau or is the plateau flowing from my doubt?  Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

When we can't get to the source of the problem, we freeze.  We remain inactive, waiting for a solution that will allow us to backtrack out of our problem.

But, sometimes, the way out is to move forward.
And, sometimes, insight into the source is hidden in the solution.

What would happen if we stopped obsessing over the source and moved on to the solution?

Photo courtesy of MorgueFile and peachyqueen
For a funny video on this theme, check out "Fix it" from SNL

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