Short Series: Outside the Box Ministry

How would you escape this box?

Getting outside the box is one of the most difficult things to do in campus ministry. 

With every campus ministry ... InterVarsity, Cru, FCA, Wesley, BCM, BSU, CCM, RUF, Navs ... you'll find pretty much the same structures (something that looks like NSO, something that looks like Large Group, something that looks like Small Groups, etc ...). It's hard to get outside the box in ministry.

Churches struggle to get outside the box too.  So do justice ministries.  So do missions agencies.  It's hard to get outside the box in ministry.

Outside the box ministry comes from outside the box thinking.

Thought patterns around ministry often focus on expansion and improvement. "How can we do what we've always done but just do it a little bigger, a little better?" And this would be fine ... except for the box.

And there is a box, right? Campus ministries plateau. Sometimes this happens to an individual campus. Sometimes it happens to an entire organization.

How do we think outside the box?  Let's do a Short Series.

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