Out of Rhythm

The "holidays" throw us out of rhythm.

We tend to operate on a weekly and daily rhythms. Every week has a rhythm: church, football, work, work, work, football, etc ... And every day has a rhythm: alone time, God time, work, family time, tv time, sleep.

But during the holidays ... no rhythm. Every day looks different. Every week looks different.

Seasons of disturbed rhythm can be very helpful:
  • They can release us from areas of unhealth in our regular rhythms
  • They can re-energize us
  • They can allow us to work on short projects
  • They can help us focus on what really matters
For example, over the last week, I've spent a lot more time with Amy and Will. I've read quite a bit, spent a lot of time in prayer and have listened to a lot of podcasts (Amy, Will and both of the dogs sleep in the car). It's been a good time ... out of rhythm.

But now I'm getting back into a rhythm, even if only for the few weeks before Christmas.

And as I do, I find myself paying careful attention to the things that make it into my new rhythm. Moments of rhythm-construction provide us with windows into the condition of our souls.

The rhythm I'm constructing this week (and for the next) is full of frantic work.
The rhythm I'm constructing this week has no space for exercise.
The rhythm I'm constructing this week has little space for God or my family.
This feels problematic.

But the problem isn't the new rhythm. That's temporary and easily fixed. It's a small task to rearrange your schedule. But what if our rhythms reflect realities that exist in our hearts?

"Why am I constructing this particular rhythm?" This is a question that we can all ask during times of transition, creating space for insight and reflection. Use the turmoil around the holidays to take a peek at your heart. What's going on in there? You can tell a lot by the rhythms you create.

What do you notice about the rhythm you're creating in this space between Thanksgiving and Christmas?


  1. You will get rhythm very soon. Yeah, holidays always keeps you away from rhythm.

  2. Holidays and sometime get you out from track. You have to wait till 2 days for come to the track. Hope you will do it very soon.