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Next December, we'll gather in St. Louis with 20,000 students and missionaries at the Urbana Missions Conference:
Urbana is a large-scale, empowering missions event held every three years and is the most diverse gathering of students, recent graduates, missions practitioners and church leaders in North America. 
I've been to Urbana three times. I actually have had two job interviews at Urbana conferences. God has used Urbana to call and challenge me, to mold and shape me, to equip and inspire me.

At the last Urbana, I took time in between sessions to share what I was learning and thinking about during the conference. I've posted links to that series here:

Your Neighborhood is smaller/bigger than you think
Notes from Jim Tebbe's opening talk

Three M's from the Incarnation
Notes from Ramez Atallah's exposition from John 1:14

Grab Phrases
Conferences like Urbana have a ton of content. Here are some of the potent quotes.

Trust in the Sovereignty of God (Patrick Fung and Greg Jao)
An interview with the President of OMF and Urbana's MC (and chief celebrity)

Five Steps for Nathaniel
Notes from Ramez Atallah's exposition of John 1

The Short Post
A quick reflection on the day's teaching

It's about the Kenosis, Stupid
A more thorough reflection/application of the incarnation

A Credible Witness
Why don't people believe us?

What are you so afraid of?
An application from Brenda Salter-McNeil's sermon.

The Gospel Looks Fake
A reflection on the ethnic diversity at Urbana (and in the church)

The Secret is Where You Start
Seriously ... start small, here, now

The New One is not like the Old One
God's kingdom is a kingdom unlike any we've ever seen

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