Seasons of Vocation

What do you do when a job you loved doesn't look so lovely?

I've had several conversations this week with folks who are finding themselves feeling uncomfortable with their jobs. Asked a year or two back, they would have said that they had a perfect job. Ask them today and you'll hear awkward stammering.

The world of vocation has shifted in our generation. 

It used to be that you worked in a job or for a company for decades ... until retirement. My mentor, Bill, worked for Kodak for something like 30 years. 30 years. Can you believe that? 

Today's job market isn't built for long-term commitment. And we aren't equipped (or willing) to make the sacrifices to roll with traditional vocational structures. We have different expectations for work.

I've seen this first-hand in my life. My desire to be a present father has deeply influenced my recent vocational shift (ie. the move from Campus Staff to Area Director). I knew that I couldn't work in the same rhythms and still be the kind of father I wanted to be.

This is one reason people fall out of love with jobs. A job that fit you in one stage of life may not fit you in another. That's not a criticism of the job, the people you work with, the organization, mission or cause. In fact, you may be able to adapt and thrive despite your shifting life stage. Or you may need to look for something else.

If you're finding yourself loving a job less and less, take a quick look at your life season. Was there a recent change that could explain the discontent?

Who do you know that is experiencing vocational discontent? Do you think you could help them see that a change in life stage may require changes around their work?

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