What is VS What could be

"Leadership is all about vision."

How often have you heard that? Vision ... painting a picture of what could be, making it feel like it should be ... that's vision, that's leadership.

Or is it?

As I've engaged in more intensive fundraising through December, I'm wondering whether I should talk about "what is" or "what could be".

I've been reporting to donors, letting them know how their money has been put to work and letting them know what God has been doing through our ministry.

And it's kind of exciting. We have 305 students involved. 9 chapters. 11 conversions. 17 supporting churches and over 100 donors.

God is doing amazing things: taking care of our students, taking care of us.

But I wonder if I'm showing enough "leadership."

We're serving 305 students but have only 3 paid Staff. We have generous supporters, but are running pretty short of our operating budget (you don't want to know the numbers). We're reaching 9 campuses, but I know of 14 campuses in our Area that have 0 campus ministry whatsoever.

We could have 500 students involved pretty easily.
We could add several staff pretty easily.
We could plant ministry on most of those empty campuses ... pretty easily.

But this sounds so sales-pitchy: "We could do all this stuff if we just had enough resources."
And this sounds so independent: "We could do this and we could do that ... and sprinkle some Jesus in there somewhere."

But I'm told that this is "vision" ... this is leadership. And I wonder why it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Am I even a real leader?

How do you decide when to talk about "what is" and when to talk about "what could be"?

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