What would Jesus picket?

"I'm against picketing ... but I don't know how to show it"
                                                           - Mitch Hedberg
The Westboro clan plans to come to Broward College Central tomorrow. These are the people who picket soldiers' funerals and carry signs talking about all of the people God hates. They call themselves Westboro Baptist Church, but I'm not sure I want to call them "Baptist" or a "church."

What would you do if the Westboro people showed up at your school (or workplace or church or party or neighborhood)?

I'm tempted to counter-protest, to pick a fight, to make a scene.
I'm tempted to flood the airwaves, steal traffic and divert attention.
I'm tempted to overwhelm them with love and kindness.
I'm tempted to convert, infiltrate their organization and do something incomprehensible.

But then I imagine Jesus' response to them and get confused. He did all of these things.

He made a whip and drove out the moneychangers.
He drew the crowds away from the religious hypocrites.
He healed and forgave and protected.
He died on the cross and rose from a grave.

And I realize that I can't do all of these things. Not all at once, at least.

So, what should I do? What should we do?


  1. Wendy Hunter9:54 AM

    I kinda like the thought of a counter gathering; centered on someone who speaks of Christ and His love for all people - kind of a Hyde's Park (London) type of thing where all kinds of people are giving speeches about something. Of His hatred for hypocrisy, exposure of hypocrisy. Speak of woman "caught in the act.." of Christ
    s reaching out to her..... something along those lines

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Perhaps not confront them but after they leave,so you'll know what they said,a sign saying,"You've heard the hype,now hear the Truth",or something to that effect.And direct inquirers to a meeting where the Truth will be shared and maybe Q&A allowed.Its a more controlled strategy and not so open to unknowns and chaos.