Series: An Ambition for Mission

"Start something new."

This phrase rang throughout the Ambition Conference up in Tampa last weekend. Together with 200 Staff from around the country, 100 student leaders and a handful of outside-InterVarsity voices, my Staff team and I engaged deeply with this idea.

Over the next couple of days, I'll post reflections on what I learned and experienced at Ambition. Links will be posted here as they become available:

Eschatology and Mission (reflecting on York Moore's talk)
Adjustments for the Sake of Mission (reflecting on Alan Hirsch's session)
The Future of the Parachurch in God's Mission (reflecting on Q&A with Alan Hirsch)
Insights into Planting at Community Colleges (applying ideas)
Equipping Everybody for Mission (reflecting on Kim Hammond's talk)
Storytelling and Mission (reflecting on Q&A with Kim Hammond and Alan Hirsch)
Insights into Planting at Hispanic Serving Institutions (applying ideas)
Apostolic Missional Movements (reflecting on Brian Sanders' talk)


  1. looks like good stuff ... I'm jealous. I wish I could have been there. Maybe I could get you to invite me next time? Looking forward to your series.

  2. Yeah, Joe, I think you would have really enjoyed it. Next time we do something like this, I'll totally invite you.