Beyond the upper room

InterVarsity's Multi-ethic Staff Conference kicked off tonight with musical worship led by the Urbana worship team, exhortations and orientations from black, white and Asian-American Staff and a brief exposition from Paula Fuller (our VP for ME).

Paula preached on Acts 2: the filling with the Spirit and the speaking in tongues.

One idea she mentioned really landed with me ...

The gift of the Spirit, given to the community gathered in the upper room, was meant for more than just the people in that room. The Spirit led them into the streets, where people from all over were gathered. And the Spirit gifted those as well, with repentance and faith and more.

What would it look like for us to hold our Spirit-given gift of multi-ethnicity as a gift meant for more than just InterVarsity? Tonight we gathered in an upper room, prayed and worshipped, felt the Spirit move. But it would be tempting to keep it for ourselves.

Our gift of multi-ethnicity could bless the whole campus, the whole world ... even the whole church. As we receive, let's also prepare to share.

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