Cheering for the Top Dog

Do you remember the epic NCAA tournament game between Duke and super-underdog Butler?

In the final seconds of the game, a Butler player launched a potentially game-winning shot. The ball rolled around the inside of the rim, black seams staining for the bottom of the net. And it was over. The ball bounced out. Butler lost. Duke won. And I cheered.

What do you think of someone who roots against the underdog?

All throughout the Bible, God seems to be the God of the underdog. He chooses unlikely people to do spectacular things in surprising ways.

But what about the top dogs?

We forget that Abram was a wealthy man before God called him.
We forget the size of the Israeli nomad army that crossed the Red Sea.
We forget that God was still for David after he killed Goliath.
Kings, cupbearers, influencers, judges and generals.

God spends a lot of time in Scripture engaging the powerful.

For those of us excited about God's preferential option for the poor, the downtrodden, the forgotten and the vulnerable, this insight proves challenging.

I'm currently wrestling a lot with this in my ministry.

Where do I focus? Who do I serve? How do I prioritize my time?

Left to myself, I'll totally ignore the top dogs. I'll focus our ministry on campuses with no ministry presence. I'll serve the underserved. I'll prioritize those who are lost.

But I'll ignore people like me, people who cheer for their alma mater.

And what will come of that?

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