Enough Trust to Walk the Difficult Path

In Matthew 17 Jesus and Peter have this fascinating interaction.

Someone approaches Peter and asks him whether or not Jesus pays the temple tax. Jesus and Peter go back and forth about taxes. Then Jesus tells Peter to go catch a fish (and there will be a coin sufficient to pay both Jesus' and Peter's tax in the fish's mouth). Peter goes and does what Jesus says and finds a coin.

We often find ourselves in Peter's place in the middle of the story.

We might agree with God's principle, but not his path.

God's paths often seem irrational.

A coin from the mouth of a fish.
A nation from an infertile couple.
A king from a shepherd.
A community of priests from a nation in exile.
A Savior from a cross.

We move forward along God's path, not because we can make sense of it, but because we trust the One who leads us. Trust creates in us the patience we need to follow when we don't understand.

What part of God's path currently looks difficult to you?
The Christian life has not been tried and found difficult. It has been found difficult and left untried. - GK Chesterton Orthodoxy

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