Love creates community

Last week, I heard Orlando Crespo say the following ...
I stayed here because I was loved here
The impact of love on community and leadership shines throughout the book of Acts. The passage Orlando preached on (Acts 20: Paul's farewell to the Ephesian elders), challenges us to think about our community and leadership.

All over the church, pastors and leaders cast vision in order to build community. The idea is: "If you're on board with what we're doing here, you'll stay."

And if your vision is for a huge, mega-ministry, vision has to be what gets people to stick.

But if you're into micro-ministry, missional and invasive ministry, subversive and intimate ministry, you don't need to be a great corporate vision-caster in order to build a community.

You need to love.

If my students and my staff and my church learned to love, if I learned to love, I think amazing things would happen on campus, in the church and in the world.

Why, then, do I spend so little time learning to love?

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