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Some of you have noticed that I'm not posting on the YoSteve blog as often as I used to. Thanks for noticing and asking about it!

One reason for the more infrequent posting is that I've had lots of writing opportunities recently (and only so many ideas).

Check out this Short Series from over at the Crossway blog:

The section below was previously published over at the Crossway blog

Ask modern people about Jesus and you’ll hear lots of ideas:
“Great teacher”
“Holy man”
“Misunderstood martyr”
“Liar or Lunatic or Lord or Legend”
Ideas and titles are important. They give us shortcuts, handles and categories. They make the world simpler. And Jesus himself encouraged the use of them [see Matthew 16 for an example of this].

But if ideas and titles are important, so are stories. And the Bible is full of stories about Jesus.

But so many of those stories are so unfamiliar to us. And if they’re unfamiliar to us, imagine how surprising they are to our friends who are far from God?

One of the most evangelistic things we can do is to tell the unfamiliar stories about Jesus that you find in the Bible. People often find themselves drawn to the Jesus presented in the Bible, even if they’re resistant to the ideas and titles we attach to him.

Over the next few days, we’ll post some of these stories, as well as some commentary and some discussion questions to go along with them. Feel free to add your own in the Comments section.

Raising a Ruckus

Keeping the Party Going

Touching the Untouchable

“Neither do I condemn you”

What are some of the stories about Jesus you find surprising?

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