Logic and Love

The evidence for Jesus' story is powerful, compelling. History, philosophy, ethics ... these all line up behind Jesus. They create a strong case.

And, for some college students, their faith is grounded in this, this logic. They believe in Jesus, maybe even serve and follow him, because of this logic.

But there's more to Christianity than logic.

The logician can only go so far with Christ. Facts can spark a flame of duty, but not a torrent of joy. Cold, hard facts serve as cold comfort when the cold, hard world hammers on you. And how can you love your neighbor if you don't love your Savior?

Love is a tricky thing.

We want students to love Jesus. But we can't force love. We can hardly hurry love. Love comes and goes, not steady and constant but very, very real. Love is necessary.

How do you help people grow in their love for Jesus?

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