Not Risking is a Risk

We need to look at risk-taking differently.

I've seen lots of ministries that thrive on building stable systems. The same thing happens week-to-week, year-to-year ... improving over time through cumulative, minor variations.

And this works. When it works.

Stable systems almost always punish risk. Don't fix it if it ain't broken. We know that taking risks can be costly.

But when systems begin consuming themselves, their stability becomes a liability. You know you need to make a change, maybe even a big one. But your systems only allow minor variations.

When weighing the cost of risk, we often forget to weigh the cost of avoiding risk. If your system is spiraling inward, doing the same old thing becomes a huge risk.

Risk-taking may not guarantee success, but when systems are collapsing you can't keep doing what you're doing. And minor variations won't save you.

And ... if you're lucky ... you'll see an opportunity to leap to a place you always wanted to go, but never knew how to get to through cumulative, minor variations.

That's why we need to take risks, think outside the box, try something new.

That's why we're jumping to disciple-making.
That's why we're jumping to community colleges.
That's why we're jumping to volunteers.
That's why we're taking risks.

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