The Questioning of Jesus

In Matthew 22, Jesus is approached and challenged with these difficult questions:
Should we pay taxes to Caesar?
In the resurrection, whose wife will she be?
Which is the greatest commandment?
These questions represent three dead-end type of questions:
  • Trap question ("Does your mother know that you're stupid?")
  • Trick question ("Can God make a rock he can't life?")
  • Subjective question ("What's the best color?")
We encounter questions like these in evangelism all the time. And we try to answer them. We get into arguments and get ourselves all tangled up, answering questions that take us to dead-ends.

I so deeply admire the questions Jesus asks in response to the questions he's asked. He pries the questions apart, digs to the center, reshapes and reframes. Check them out:
Whose image is this?
Have you not read the Scriptures ... ?
Who proved neighbor to this man?
How wonderful would it be if we were able to ask questions like Jesus?

For more on this theme, check out one of my favorite Christian books: Jesus Asked by Conrad Gempf

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