Reported for Being Too Loving

We got reported to the administration at UM last week.

Students designed an outreach themed around the intersection between pornography and human trafficking. By raising awareness of the trafficking that happens off-camera in the pornography industry, students were hoping to challenge the campus' consumption of pornography.

In the center of campus, we hung a big banner that read "Jesus Loves Porn Stars."

And that banner is what got us reported.

Religious students were offended at the sentiment. Here are some quotes we heard:

"Jesus can't love porn stars."
"They're sinners!"
"Porn stars are going to hell."
"You shouldn't be doing this so close to Easter."

The radical love of Jesus is offensive. He loves porn stars. He loves commercial sex workers. He loves every single person in the LGBT community. He loves people who are being trafficked. He loves the traffickers.

The radical love of Jesus is displayed in the Incarnation, as God enters a world of sin.
The radical love of Jesus is displayed on the cross, as he paid of our sins.
The radical love of Jesus is displayed in the resurrection, as he conquered sin.
Sins, even the really awful ones, don't have to separate us from the love of God in Christ.

And the radical love of Jesus shapes our engagement with the world. Or should.

That he loves porn stars shapes our consumption. That he loves sex workers shapes our language. That he loves the LGBT community shapes our rhetoric. That he loves people being trafficked shapes our activism. That he loves the traffickers ... this humbles us.

Let's always be reported for being too loving. Too often, Christians on campus have been reported for not being loving enough. It's time to take risks in the opposite direction.

Jesus loves porn stars and traffickers and us.

Let's go and do likewise.

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