Drawing Your Way to Interesting Evangelism

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My first encounter with drawing in ministry came in the arena of evangelism. Have you ever seen an evangelistic diagram?

Here's a sample of a really popular one: The Bridge Diagram.

a popular gospel drawing

Drawing out an evangelistic diagram serves several purposes:
  • Drawing helps you remember the story of the gospel
  • Drawing makes the conversation more interactive
  • Drawing gives people space to process

Drawing helps you remember the story of the gospel

Have you ever tried to share the gospel and forgotten something important? It's pretty easy to forget something. You get excited to be sharing. You start to be emotionally moved by the beauty of the story. And you start forgetting stuff.

Drawing the gospel provides you with extra memory triggers. It pulls your eyes and your muscles into the work of remembering the story. And it really helps!

Drawing makes the conversation more interactive

Think about the person you're sharing with. When you're telling them a story, you're engaging their ears. Draw and tell and you're engaging their eyes as well. This extra channel of engagement pulls people in a little more deeply.

And you could even take it a step further. Share your pen. Invite them to add to your diagram, draw a circle, an arrow, add some more words, illustrate how they understand the situation. You're not preaching, so you don't have to do all the talking.

Even though the diagram provides space for interaction, it also helps focus the conversation. The drawing provides a tether. You and the person you're sharing with can talk about whatever you want, but the diagram gives you something to come back to. So helpful!

Drawing gives people space to process

People often need time to reflect on the implications of the gospel, to count the cost. This is okay! Conversion isn't a sales effort. We aren't closers.

Drawing a gospel diagram produces something that a person can take home with them. Something to look at. To think about. And God can use this.


Want to see a great video of someone drawing in evangelism? Check out this interesting video from James Choung, the author of True Story and creator of The Big Story gospel drawing:

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