Short Series: Drawing in Ministry

Stick figures have wildly helped my ministry. And they can help you too!

It all started in January. Browsing the business section at Barnes and Noble, I found this interesting book on consulting: The Back of a Napkin by Dan Roam. Dan draws pictures as he consults with Fortune 500 companies. It got me started thinking ...

Then, I joined several hundred InterVarsity folks at the Ambition Conference. [You can read about the conference here ... Series: An Ambition for Mission] During the conference, Alan Hirsch explained very complicated ideas in very simple ways with a whiteboard and markers. And this amplified my thinking ...

Think about it. Everyone can draw a stick figure. And a circle. And a rectangle. And arrows.

So I started experimenting. I did some drawing during my sermon preparation. I did some drawing at student training meetings. I did some drawing in strategy sessions.

Drawing really helped me. And it can help you too.

When you're preaching, drawing can free you from reliance on your notes.
When you're training, drawing can amplify understanding and transference.
When you're strategizing, drawing can deepen the engagement of your team.

Here are the posts I'll publish in the Drawing in Ministry series this week:

Drawing Your Way to Great Preaching and Public Speaking
Drawing Your Way to High-Impact Training
Drawing Your Way to Effective Ministry Strategy

But before we get to these topics, I'll tackle a familiar topic in the arena of drawing in ministry: Drawing Your Way to Interesting Evangelism. Links will be published here as soon as the posts go live.

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