4 Benefits of Fund Development

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Last night, Donna Wilson shared four significant benefits of fund development

Fund development grows ministry resources

This is the "No, duh" benefit, but it's important to mention. We need resources for our ministry: money, volunteers, in-kind gifts. And this is what we usually think of when we talk about fund development.

Sometimes, campus ministry Staff will ignore this benefit, pretending that things like money don't matter. But people see through this inauthenticity. We do fund development because we need resources for the ministry. Let's not shy away from it.

Fund development grows ministry skills

What does it take to be a good campus minister?

Boldness, risk-taking, hospitality, time management, prayer, communication skills, resilience, creativity, dependence on Jesus. These are some of the things my Small Group came up with.

And these skills all show up in our fund development. Grow in your capacity for fund development and you'll grow in your capacity for great ministry. It won't give you everything you need. But it will help.

Fund development grows God's kingdom

You never know how God will use your work of fund development.

Last night, we heard stories of donors who grew closer to God as they gave. Donors benefited from being part of a ministry community. People experienced healing, restoration and fresh vision for God's work.

We should expect those who support our work to experience more and more of God's kingdom as they partner with us in ministry.

Fund development grows us spiritually

Donna described the work of fund development as a tornado that whirls its way through our spiritual lives, kicking up all the dirt and grit that's been hiding. Tolkien might call it a eucatastrophe, a crazy but good narrative plot that changes the direction of the story.

The crisis of fund development forces us to depend on God. It forces us to work through our issues. It grows our faith and grows our relationships.

Fund development is good for us.

How do you think this view of fund development would change the way we approach this part of our ministry?

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