Love the Pond

This is the fourth post in my series reflecting on ONS. For more posts in this series, check out the series frontpage: InterVarsity's Orientation for New Staff

During his vision talk this morning, InterVarsity President Alec Hill shared one of our core metaphors.

This metaphor tells you almost everything you need to know about what makes us distinct as a campus ministry.

God calls his disciples to be fishers of people. And we work with students.

So in the metaphor, our students are like fish. This makes the university the pond.

Some look at the pond and see something scummy and slimy, a dark or dangerous place. They love the fish and try to get them out of the pond.

But we don't just love the fish. We love the pond.

We care about the ecology of the pond. We want the water to be clean and clear, healthy and whole. We want the rocks and plants and birds and ... yes ... even the fish to live in harmony with each other. The ecosystem matters to us.

As Alec said today: "We are both para-church and para-university."

The university is our home. We care about the academy. We thrive on college campuses.

We love the pond.

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