Series: Orientation for New Staff

Amy and I (and Will) are up in Madison, WI this week for InterVarsity's Orientation for New Staff.

This year, we're training 127 new Staff from around the country.
[For more on this year's class, check out this infographic]

Amy and I will be leading a Small Group at ONS, shepherding a group of 8 Staff through our week together. I'll also be contributing some insight into the Latino fund development section, the Latino church partnership section and the social media section (as well as helping out with LaFe fellowship times and the multi-racial Staff lunch).

I went through ONS as a new Staff 7 years ago.

I remember feeling really nervous about the fund development and evangelism components. We were going to call potential donors and talk to people on the street about Jesus. I'm not sure which adventure made me feel more nervous.

ONS is also where I first connected with InterVarsity's LaFe (Latino Fellowship). Orlando Crespo invited me to a gathering of new Staff and, even though I didn't think I was Latino enough to participate, I went. My life, marriage and ministry have been deeply impacted by that decision. I'm so grateful for that connection.

Over the next 10 days, I'll be posting short reflections on our time together.

If you subscribe to YoSteve via blog reader or e-mail, I hope you enjoy the semi-real-time updates from my experience at ONS. And I apologize if I flood your inbox.

I'll be posting links and short summaries of my posts here, if you want to check back ...
[this is the same style of posting I did during the last Urbana]

New Staff, You Belong

If I could write a letter to new Staff as they start ONS, this is what I might say.

Getting in Sync

Small Group, community and one gift of Latino leadership

Love the Pond

Our core metaphor for campus renewal

4 Benefits of Fund Development

God uses fund development for us, in us, for his kingdom and for our good.

The Cultural Adjustment Map Applied to Fund Development

Your on-campus ministry training can bless your fund development

Not Going to Make it Without a Church

We desperately need church partnership

Intentionality is Love

Take the time to show you care

Giving Rest, Teaching Rest

We rest because God is at work

The Multi-ethnic Journey is not Optional

We wrestle with this together because it matters to God

Afraid in Public

What happens if you choose not to hide from fear? What happens if you choose not to hide your fear from others?

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