A Simple, Sample Strategy Session

Here is what happened when I grabbed a whiteboard, some markers and my excellent leadership team from Florida International University - Biscayne Bay Campus ...

How do we grow our ministry on campus?

These represent two options going forward: a missional discipleship model and an attractional large-scale model. In the missional discipleship model, leaders pass on what they've learned to folks who can lead others also. In the attractional large-scale model, the professional leader teaches a large group of people and hopes that one of them becomes a professional leader some day. Both models are good!

How do we decide which model to use? Look at the problem. We have 4 current leaders. We're on a campus of 10,000 students. We want everyone to have a chance to connect with Jesus.

How would the missional model do in our pursuit of our goal? The leader who multiplies multiplies according to this formula: x + 2x. That is, if we have 4 leaders and each mentors 2 people, we will have 12 students involved. If they then become mentors, the group will grow: first to 36, then to 108, then to 324 and so on.

How does this map over time? A new student this Fall who gets involved in a chapter that uses a missional discipleship model could see the chapter grow from 12 to 26,244 before they graduate (if the system works perfectly). We know this is a fantasy situation.

But what about the attractional large-scale model? There are some mega ministries in our area that have 200 and even 300 students involved. They look very successful and are making a huge contributions to God's kingdom. Why shouldn't we do what they're doing. The answer: scale.

So, we give up on the megachurch model. It's great, but not for us.

So, how do we do it? How do we disciple and mentor people?

Here's one model: care, train, coach.
And that, friends, was a great strategy session!

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