Pay Attention to the Steps in Evangelism

What if all of our evangelistic attention focused in the wrong places?

Most of the evangelism training people receive focuses on two transitions:
  • Helping people trust Christians (friendship evangelism)
  • Inviting people to commitment themselves to Christ (contact evangelism)
But the process of coming to faith in Christ is often more complex than this.

In their book I Once Was Lost Don Everts and Doug Schaupp detail what they call a postmodern path to faith (though I imagine that, like most "postmodern" paths, this one has been active for a long time). In their book, they talk about 5 thresholds people must walk through.
  1. Trusting a Christian
  2. Becoming Curious
  3. Opening up to Change
  4. Seeking after God
  5. Entering the Kingdom
Most of the evangelism training people receive focuses on Threshold #1 and Threshold #5.

As our student leadership teams have dialogued about their experience of evangelism on campus, we've noticed that most of their friends get stuck on Threshold #3.

How would you help someone who trusts Christians and is curious about Jesus to become more open to change in their life?

This is something we're actively trying to figure out on campus. We don't want to be manpulative or obnoxious. But we want to help our friends go deeper with God.

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