Short Series: A Biblical Perspective on Immigration

How does the Bible shape our views on immigration?

For many Christians, the answer is "Hardly at all." Immigration feels like a political issue. The Bible seems irrelevant in a conversation focused on law and fairness and economics.

For other Christians, the Bible shapes their view on immigration in very specific ways. Specific verses sharply poke their way into conversation. A handful of words from Romans or Leviticus settle the matter.

But I long for a better, more rigorous, more thoroughly biblical way of thinking and talking about immigration. The Bible has to be relevant. It must do more than give us single-shot ammunition for political skirmishes. This is true about all issues, but blindingly obvious when it comes to immigration.

Over the last year, I have had a dozen or so extremely meaningful conversations about immigration. I've taught two seminars, dialogued with several InterVarsity Staff, and spent time with immigrant college students. And I've been digging through the Bible. I don't have all the answers, but I've found myself looking for them.

Here are the posts I'm planning on writing in this series. Links will become active as the posts are posted.

There is more to immigration than documents
Immigration is not primarily political
Immigrants in the Bible
God shows special care for immigrants
God the Immigrant
Immigration and the Justice of God
The Immigrant Church
Campus Applications concerning Immigration

Whatever you believe about the politics of immigration or about various laws and rules and regulations, if you follow Jesus, I believe you should constantly submit yourself to God's word. This will not automatically twist a vote toward one party or another. Christians can, I believe, in good conscience choose to vote for Republicans or Democrats or a third party or choose not to vote at all. What we can't choose to do is to view immigrants (or anyone else for that matter) without the lens of Scripture in place. But then, that's what I hope to write about next ...

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  1. Wonderful. I have been wondering where to start on this topic. Cant wait to read your thoughts and findings. Great Journey to go on. Im with ya!