We made a last minute decision that brought us to Orlando today. My brother is graduating from UCF and we wanted to be here to celebrate with him.

Last minute decisions don't give you a lot of room to be picky. A lot of the hotels in the area were sold out. We ended up at a Days Inn, cheap and close to campus.

And here's where Coincidence shows up.

Our hotel is just around the corner from the new home of some of our good friends. They happened to be free tonight and were willing to come over to the Days Inn. We talked and played cards and talked until late, late into the night. Amy and I had a wonderful time.

What do you do when Coincidence shows up?

I'm tempted to shrug it off.  Coincidences happen. It's cool. That's it.

But I'm also tempted to turn my gaze heavenward with wonder. What are the chances that, of all the hotels in Orlando, we'd end up in one that is walking distance to our friends' new home? What are the chances that they wouldn't have to work? What are the chances that their daughter would be hanging out with her grandmother? What are the chances that they wouldn't have plans?

I think my soul has been hungry for friendship lately. And friends keep crossing my path. Might God be stirring up that appetite? Might God be feeding my soul with friends?

What do you do when you encounter Coincidence? Do you ignore him? Or do you embrace him and thank the One who sent him?

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