Count Others

I got stood up today.

This happens to me frequently. Last-minute cancellations, forgotten appointments, missed phone calls. Every campus minister faces this reality.

We work in an environment where we are at the bottom of the food chain. Faculty tower above us. Administrators hold the keys to campus access. Students buzz along, making time for us when we have time. We stand at the edge of campus, in the margin of people's schedules. We are the ones on campus for the most unusual reasons.

So you would think I would understand getting stood up. You would think I would be used to it. You would think I wouldn't mind.

But you would be wrong.

Every time I'm stood up, a battle rages in my soul.

The voices start: "My time is valuable. I could be at home with my family. I'm fundraising for this? Am I less valuable that everyone else?" I start to write a script in my head: "You should have and you could have and why didn't you and do you realize ...". My heart starts to beat a little faster, adrenaline pumps through my veins and color begins to spread across my face.

Sometimes, this is all that happens. The rage.

But sometimes, I remember Paul's command: "Count others as more significant than yourself."

Count others.

The passage doesn't say that "others" are more significant than you, just that you should count them as if they were, treat them as if they were, consider them as if they were. If they were more significant than me, this would shape my response to them.

The source of my rage is that my significance is threatened. But if I voluntarily set it aside, no one can take it from me and I will have no reason to be angry.

Where do you find yourself straining to count others as more significant than yourself?

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