Good Enough

I struggled with the "Good Enough" tension today at Urbana.

My job at the conference is to work as the Editor of Urbana Today, the daily paper for the Urbana Missions Conference. I have a team of writers and designers who are wildly talented. Every day, we produce a newspaper that will be read by over 16,000 people.

None of us will win Pulitzers for the work we're doing on Urbana Today. We move at a million miles an hour, short-staffed and under-funded (in solidarity with all newspapers, nowadays ... though we were doing it before it was cool). We have rock-solid, hard-as-adamantium deadlines. If we miss our deadline, there will be no paper for the day. Students will miss out. Advertisers will be upset. Chaos will ensue.

So, we ship.

We send the paper in at the deadline. It isn't perfect. I already know about a flaw or two in tomorrow's edition. It isn't perfect. But it's good. Actually, it's good enough.

And here's where the tension appears ...

Tonight's message from Calisto Odede challenged students. He challenged them to be filled with the Spirit and to minister in the power of the Spirit. He challenged them to preach. And he challenged them to begin now.

Here's a powerful quote from Calisto tonight:

If it is not good enough for local consumption, perhaps it is not good enough for export.

Calisto was urging students to share the gospel with people in their local communities, with their neighbors and their families.

And in his challenge, this "Good Enough" tension appeared. Refusing to share the gospel locally communicates that the gospel is not good enough for people like you. And if it isn't good enough for people like you, why would it be better for people who are different from you?

Tonight, the Urbana Today newspaper was good enough to share with the printer. But is the gospel, according to the evidence of my day-to-day life, good enough to share as well?

I found my self convicted. Not guilt-tripped. But convicted in a wonderful way.

Where do you find yourself feeling the "Good Enough" tension?

Check out Calisto Odede's talk from tonight's session at Urbana ( Calisto's portion begins an hour and a half in).


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Thank you for posting this. I thought about the team who was producing the news papers daily! I can't imagine the man hours (being an architect myself) behind organizing and placing the text and pics. Blessings to you and THANK YOU for all your hard work. Well done. We noticed! On behalf of Cornerstone University!

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