One a day for December

Writing can be a spiritual discipline. It forces you to slow down, to think a little more deeply, to reflect. It forces you into a rhythm, toward the concrete, out of the darkness and into the light.

Three years ago, my friend Abigail challenged me to post something on the blog every day for the month of December.

December is a tough month for people in campus ministry. Classes wrap up. Students leave campus. Our rhythms change.

This upheaval can do damage to the spiritual lives of campus ministers. We can find ourselves drifting, like boats whose anchor chains have snapped. The days and weeks can slip by without much personal or spiritual growth.

That’s why the writing rhythm was so good for me. Every day for a month. Something. If you look back, those posts weren’t profound. Some were scattered. Others were shot off, a last thought before falling asleep, a piece created for the sake of the commitment to write and for no other reason (and beautiful for that reason … there’s a beauty in commitment).

So, this December, I’ll be trying again. One post a day. Every day. Nothing special. But something faithful.

Couldn’t we all use a little more faithfulness in our lives?

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