The 100 Things Challenge

I'm getting rid of 100 things.

Some of these things are going in the trash. Others are going to the consignment store. Still others will make their way to Goodwill.

But, in the next week, 100 things are leaving my house.

It's easy to lose track of how many things you've accumulated. Drawers fill up. Bookcases get crowded. Closets ... don't get me started on the closets.

I think I can get rid of 100 things without feeling any pain, without experiencing any inconvenience, without breaking my stride. I just have a lot of things.

Have you ever thought about getting rid of things?

I'm going to get rid of books I'll never read and books I'll never read again.
I'm going to pass along clothes that no longer fit.
I'm going to empty drawers that never get opened.

I'm going to make my wife very happy. She loves to get rid of things. If I let her, she'd help me get rid of 10000 things. But I'm not ready for that ... yet.

Every so often, it's healthy to shimmer free from the hold that things have on us.

Possessiveness is dangerous, deadly. We start to pour our identity and sense of value into things. These things hold onto our memories. They are trophies to a life we've lived in the past. But some things can get in the way of the life we're living right now.

Free from an unhealthy attachment to excess things, we find ourselves loving people more. People are more important than things anyway. We don't try to impress them with our things. We don't try to bottle them up as ghostly memories attached to objects scattered around our houses. We love and pay attention to and cherish time with real people.

And perhaps, if you get rid of 100 things, you might find yourself more grateful for the hundreds of things you choose to keep, keeping them by choice, aware of them. And few things are more beautiful than gratitude.

So ...

Would you consider taking the 100 Things Challenge?

Join me. For one week. Between now and Christmas. Get rid of 100 things. And let me know how it goes.

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