Urbana Bound

Every three years, InterVarsity hosts the Urbana Missions Conference. Thousands of students and missionaries from around the world gather in St. Louis, MO. We engage in multi-ethnic worship. We hear speakers from all over the world. We have meaningful and challenging conversations about God’s mission in the world. It’s a phenomenal experience.

This year will mark my fourth time participating in Urbana.

In 2003, I went to Urbana for the first time. I was in graduate school and had noticed a shift in my interests. I found myself spending much of my free time volunteering in student ministry and loving it. I started to wonder if this might be good work for me (at least for a season).

I went to that first Urbana looking for a call from God. I interviewed with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the Blue Ridge Region. And though the interview was pretty intense, I received a call on New Year’s Eve offering me a job. That job moved me to Virginia, where I met Amy and had tremendous experiences following Jesus.

Fast forward six years and I was at Urbana ’09. Amy was pregnant. I was exhausted with work. I felt like I had nothing more to offer the students I was working with. They needed someone with more energy, someone more outgoing, someone who fit them better if the work at Washington and Lee was going to grow to the next level (and it has … Kevin, the Staff who took over for me at W&L, has done an amazing job).

So, I went to Urbana ’09 wondering if it was going to be my last. I was going to interview for an Area Director position in South Florida. I didn’t think the job would fit me perfectly, but the idea of working with Latino students and community college students really excited me. If that job didn’t work out, I’d go off to grad school or find a business job.

Today I'm going to Urbana again. I still feel in over my head with the Area Director position. I still fight the urge to push the plow with one eye looking over my shoulder. And I still wonder what God will do in me at Urbana.

Would you consider virtually joining me at Urbana this year?
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