3 B's for Great Bible Study

Be attentive

There is a lot more to the Bible than you’ll catch in a quick glance. God has given us one Bible to use for the rest of our lives. Even if you’ve read the passage before, take time to read it carefully.


Be curious

The Bible is God’s gift to us. Dig deeply. Ask lots of questions. Explore. Think about the way things are connected to each other. Try to figure out why the passage says what it says. Listen to God as you read.


Be trustworthy

Great Bible Study should produce some sort of response from us. We should think and live differently as a result of what we’ve heard from God. God has entrusted his truth with you. What will you do with it?


I love this new language around Inductive Bible Study. Thanks to the folks at twentyonehundred productions for these great videos. For more information about twentyonehundred productions, check them out at 2100.intervarsity.org

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