Book Review: The Mission of Worship by Sandra Van Opstal

Multi-ethnic musical worship is one of the most remarkable features of the Urbana Missions Conference. Participants learn and sing songs in all sorts of languages and styles.

Sandra Van Opstal has been leading the Urbana Worship Team for over a decade. In her day job, she's been a Campus Staff with InterVarsity at Northwestern and has directed our Chicago Urban Project. She just recently finished her MDiv from Trinity and lives with her husband, Karl, in Humbolt Park, Chicago.

Her most recent writing project - The Mission of Worship - digs into the theology and strategy that produces a worship experience like the one participants experience at Urbana.

Sandra has a real grasp on how our culture shapes our expression of worship. And she has a lot of insight into how to both affirm culture and encourage culture-crossing in musical worship. For Sandra, this combination of affirmation and displacement in musical worship echoes the call God gives his people. He is constantly affirming us with his love and grace and is constantly calling us to displacement for the sake of the lost, the outcast and the poor.

The book is part of the Urbana Onward series. It's short. A quick read. Very practical. Extremely well thought-through and written. I read it last night and would highly recommend it.

Check it out here: The Mission of Worship by Sandra Van Opstal.

Sandra Van Opstal (right) leading worship at Urbana

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