The Arrogance of Unoriginality

There are a lot of wonderful books and programs and ministries out there.

Why do we need one more?

We don't.

We don't need one more. We don't need one more self-help book. We don't need one more discipleship program. We don't need one more ministry or church. At least, not if you're doing it the way it's already been done. Arrogant unoriginality.

But what if you can do something new? What if you can present a new twist? What if you can approach a problem from a different angle?

A creative contribution moves us away from arrogance. Even if you build off of what already exists, the creative aspects of your contribution blunts the arrogant edge.

I'm so honored to work with creative, humble people. Just this week, one of my Staff put forward a new discipleship tool. Now, I know that there are hundreds of discipleship tools out there. Books and books. Programs.

And, yet, this new tool will add something special. It will work well with community college students. It will work with our multiplicative domino structure. It will really help.

Here are some elements I love in the new project:

  • She shifts the focus from comprehensive to central
  • She rests in one place for several weeks at a time
  • She builds a foundation that can be expanded on
  • She passes on something that can be easily passed on
There's no arrogance here. Just originality. She isn't criticizing others. She's just expanding the field and adding her voice. And I love it.

What observations have you made about the intersection of arrogance and originality?

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