The Spirit and the Science of Human Motivation

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to encourage the hearts of the people who work for me. How do you sustain motivation and energy through the grind of the semester?

I have a lot of really spiritual ideas: prayer and rich time in Scripture and intimacy with Jesus and an eschatological vision. God’s Spirit soaks these activities. And I really do believe that these things will help folks stay motivated.

Sometimes, though, I feel guilty relying on the science of human motivation or my management training. I feel like I’m denying the power of God or the call of God or the Spirit of God.

And yet, when Jesus wanted to encourage his disciples, he didn’t just breathe his Spirit into them, he also helped them work out a ministry plan. He gave them his Spirit and a packing list. He feed them with the word that proceeds from the mouth of God, but also multiplied the loaves and the fish.

Don’t be afraid to learn from the science of human motivation. Nothing can replace the motivation provided by God. But he calls us to play our part too.

Play your part as a leader without hesitation.

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