Compelling Vision-Casting

Do you want to help your team stay motivated when you aren’t around?

Practice compelling vision casting.

Andy Stanley defines vision as “a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.” The vision has to be clear enough that your team understands what they are trying to accomplish. But clarity isn’t enough.

When you lead over a distance, you have to have a vision that compels people. Your people have to feel in their guts that this HAS to happen.

If your team is compelled by the vision, it doesn’t matter whether or not you are even there. Your presence helps, sure. You need to show up. You need to put boots on the ground. But you also need the work to keep rolling if you’re not around.

Leaders leave. They move on. They die. A compelling vision outlasts the leader.

I am, by no means, a world-class vision caster. John Maxwell says that a leader without followers is just a person out for a walk. And that’s me so much of the time. But here is what I know …

I am compelled by vision. Vision drives me. I have a vision for my family, a clear mental picture of what could be and a conviction that it should be. I have a vision for my job, for the South Florida Area and for LaFe. I have a vision for my relationship with God. I know what I want it to look like.

The first step to creating a compelling vision for your team is to understand what vision is compelling you.

When it comes to my work, the vision that compels me has to do with “access.” I want every student to have access to the gospel and to a thriving Christian community. If there’s a corner of campus without access to the gospel or to a thriving Christian community, I want to do something about it.

This is why we transformed our chapter at W&L into a Greek-friendly chapter. Huge fraternity and sorority houses, 80% of the campus, didn’t have meaningful access to the gospel or to the Christian community. Sure, they could come to us. But no one was going to them. We had to change that. We went from being a 20% Greek chapter at an 80% Greek school to being an 80% Greek chapter at an 80% Greek school.

And this is why we’re digging into community colleges now. When I look at these schools, I see thousands of students without access. An entire campus without access to the gospel or to a thriving Christian community? Inconceivable. Real. Unacceptable. Motivating.

This is also why I’m passionate about focused ministry. There are corners of our campuses that have no access to what we have to offer. Students in these corners of campus will never get a meaningful invitation to join a Small Group. They will never have a conversation about the gospel with a close friend. They are cut off. Isolated. And somebody, somewhere has got to do something about it. Someone has to give them access.

Access is a simple vision. But it compels my heart. And it compels my team.

What vision compels you? How are you sharing this with your team?

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