Shared Leadership at the Team Meeting

I led my first Team Meeting this week. Although I've been an Area Director for almost 3 years now, my team is just now in a place that makes Team Meetings make sense.

For you InterVarsity outsiders, a Team Meeting is a gathering of Staff from throughout an Area to pray, rest, train, strategize, plan and learn. Some Areas have day-long Team Meetings every month. Others meet for 3 days several times a year. When I lived in Virginia, our Area Team met 3-4 times every year. This week, we met from Monday evening until Wednesday morning.

Our Team Meeting this week focused on Shared Leadership.

We spent several hours looking at the end of the life and leadership of Moses. I've been spending a lot of time studying Exodus for the LaFe Staff Conference in early March and the LaFe13 National Conference that's on the horizon in December. I wanted my Team to benefit from my studies and to share with them what I had been learning.

We looked at Exodus 17: the story of Israel quarreling over a lack of water in the desert and the story of the battle against the Amalekites. When the quarreling happens, Moses tries to calm the people's fears (or at least redirect their frustration). But this doesn't work. He then turns to God, who shows him a way to miraculously produce water from a rock. [Striking the rock to produce water would later get Moses in a lot of trouble] In the next scene, in the same location, God's people are attacked by the Amalekites. Moses makes a snap decision and sends Joshua to fight, promising to hold the staff of God in the air as an act of intercession. When Moses holds the staff up, the battle goes well. But he can't keep his promise. His arms get tired. Fortunately, Aaron and Hur are on hand to hold up Moses' hands.

Prayer for guidance. Intercession. Shared leadership. My Team caught on fast.

We looked at Exodus 18: the story of Jethro - Moses' father-in-law - and his visit to Moses. Life in the camp had become too much for Moses and he had sent his family away, back to his wife's father's house. Jethro brings them right back. He hears about God's work for God's people and rejoices. But he sticks around an extra day to watch Moses at work. And what he sees isn't pretty. Moses is trying to do everything himself. Everyone who has a problem has to go to Moses. Jethro suggests a new leadership structure. And it works.

Relationships. Strategy. Shared leadership. My Team was dialed in.

We spent several hours talking about our Area vision and how this vision impacts our strategy. We trained on recruitment and the HRD cycle. We worshipped and we prayed.

And almost everyone brought something to the table. Fatimat and Chad led prayer times. Matt talked about church partnership. Alexis led a time of intercession for our campuses and Rachel led us in worship. Deb led a time of listening prayer. Leah shared about developing leaders. Bill shared about recruiting leaders. I led a shared-inductive experience on Moses' legacy out of Joshua 1.

Shared leadership. We each played a part.

I'm excited about what God is doing with this team. When I started, we had 2 Staff and 2 volunteers. As of this week, we have 10 Staff and 23 volunteers. My Team insists that we have volunteers that I don't know about, so that number may be even higher.

I'm excited to see what God will do with this team.

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