A Team Effort

We did an evangelistic even at MDC Wolfson this week.

The Staff on campus, Leah, could have pulled the whole thing off herself. She invited me to join her. And before we knew it, a team started to form.

Alexis - Staff at FIU BBC - helped us hand out flyers and invite students. There's no one better at that than her.

Stevenson - our faculty advisor - volunteered to run an ice-breaker for the event. He even brought some of his students to the event.

Magalie, Woodney and Wendina - students from FIU BBC - walked around campus inviting students and then stayed for the event to help welcome people as they arrived.

Matt - my Associate Area Director - stuck around afterwards to talk to students and help us wrap up.

What could have been done by one, was done by 8.

And it was better for it.

Why do we so often try to do ministry alone?

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