You Can't Do Ministry without Partners

There's this great story in the Old Testament that our team studied this Spring.

Moses has this terrible weight on him. The Israelite soldiers are fighting a big battle. Moses is too old to fight with them. All he can do is pray.

And when he prays, the Israelites find themselves winning the battle. Moses stands on the mountainside with the staff of God in his hands. His hands stretch to the sky in prayer. And the Israelites surge forward.

But Moses can't keep his hands up. His strength falters. His hands go down. And the Israelites begin to lose. It's a battle. Losing means that people Moses cares about are getting hurt, maybe even dying.

It's a hard thing for leaders to hit their limits. When we hit our limits, there are consequences. We see our teams lose. We lose. People we care about get hurt. And this hurts us.

But leaders are rarely alone.

That's the great part of Moses' story. When Moses falters, Aaron and Hur step in to help him. They rest him on a rock and hold his hands in the air. And something happens.

The Israelites begin to win again.

Where would Moses be without his partners?

I know where I'd be without mine.

I have partners all over the world who pray for me.
Without them, I'd wonder if prayer mattered.
I have partners who provide funding for the ministry.
Without them, I'd have to take another job.
I have partners who work alongside me on campus.
Without them, the burden of students' needs would break me.

It's a wonderful thing to have partners in ministry. Over the long haul, you can't do ministry without them.

If you have them, be grateful.
If you don't, start looking for them.

Photo courtesy of Paul Barlow

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