Helpful reflections on the verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting

From Matt Stauffer:
Please understand that this, today, right now is an opportunity for us to be bridge builders, loving sisters and brothers, beacons of hope and love.. but it’s also an opportunity to strengthen division, fulfill stereotypes, and act foolishly and out of selfish motives. (To read his full response, check out
From Charlene Brown:
I am saddened and grieved by the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case. However, this incident and failure of our community, our laws and systems, have echoed in in me long before today. We continue to cry out “post-racial,” “diversity,” and “reconciliation,” but fail to live into a larger narrative that calls us to put to death our very safe ways of being in the world. (To read her full response, check out Reconciling Way) 
From Christena Cleveland:
We need to pay attention to the fact that America's consciousness (and in many ways, the Church's consciousness) is fractured along racial lines – for this misrepresents the cross-cultural and unifying love of Christ. And before we spout our opinions, join sides and dig in our heels, we need to pause for a moment and humbly ask ourselves, what is really going on here? Is it possible that I'm missing something? And how should I respond as someone who takes my cues from Christ's words and example, rather than my own personal experience? (To read her full response, check out The Exchange)

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