What if more campuses means fewer students?

Counting heads is the easiest way to measure the success or failure of a ministry.

One. Two. Three. Yada yada yada. One hundred and twenty-three. Success.

One. Two. Three. That's it? Failure.

But Jesus had only 12 disciples. And at most, he had 500 followers before he ascended into heaven. By our easiest means of measuring, he failed. Except that we know that he didn't.

I'm afraid of the cost that comes with our commitment to reaching unreached campuses and unreached corners of campus. Once, I felt fear because I feared the judgement of others: disappointed donors, frustrated bosses, smug colleagues. Now, I know that I mostly have my own self to fear.

Will I be able to stay the course? The siren song of BIG MINISTRY and BIG IMPACT threatens to draw our strategy over to the soft and sandy shore. Firmly pressed to that shore, we'll never set out to sea again. The shade of the palm trees and the fury of the waves on the rocks will darkly crush our dreams of further adventure.

The truth is: with the students we want to work with and the campuses we want to work on we have chosen a harder path. Not necessarily a better path. Just harder. And a harder path may mean fewer students. That's the cost to reach Latino students. That's the cost to be at a community college.

And some days I'm not sure I'm able to pay the cost. But today is not one of those days.

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